Friday, July 8, 2011

Juba in Jubiullent!

What an incredible time to be in Juba!! There is so much excitement everywhere. There are groups and groups of people marching in the streets waving banners, playing local instruments and singing. I have run down from my second floor office enough times to either take pictures or join in the celebrations to lose count! Everyone is so welcoming and happy. All of the people I work with are so appreciative that I have returned to Sudan to witness the independence celebrations. The independence is a special, miraculous event. I am meeting people from all over the world who are here to enjoy the creation of the world's newest nation!! I am so looking forward to the independence celebrations tomorrow!! I have been fortunate to obtain one of the special passes so I can attend the actual ceremonies and witness the events first hand. This is so great!! (and yes, I know I cannot spell "jubiullent!)


  1. Larry, it's been so great to keep up with the South Sudan revolution and after effects through you! It sounds like things are going really well for the young country. Also - I just wanted to drop a line and say that, after a week in Mthatha, I now completely understand your distaste for cross-walks! If you don't j-walk where you can, you don't get across the street! :)

  2. Dear Larry,

    You don't know me, but I am one of St. George;s members who greatly admire all that you are doing in Juba. It is such a life changing experienece for you and although you've made lots of friends there, I'm sure you miss your church family at least sometime. So with that said I thought I'd drop you a line now and then. Your blog has such amazing stories it makes one long to be there. I was reading about your food and what didn't sound good was okra, which is always yucky to me unless it's in gumbo from New Orleans.

    Just to get you up to date on who "this strange person is?", I am a member of the Congregational Care Committee, the One Body Response Team and Micah Homeless Center here at St. George's. I understand that you had the call when you first attended Shrine Mont a few years ago. I can see how that could happen. I've been there last year, but not this year as I planned. My husband and I went to a wedding in Michigan, which was a big family event I didn't want to miss. But next year ßhrine Mont is on my list. Lovely place.

    To keep you posted on what's happening back here in the states, the World Series is on with the Texas Rangers/St. Louis Cardinals playing and with one win each so far (at least as of tonight). I'm a big Detroit Tiger fan but they were run over by the Texas Rangers. You may not like baseball, but I thought I'd at least fill you in.

    WE are having a lovely, colorful autumn this year with cold weather coming soon. Boo. Of course Christmas is on the way and it's my favorite time of the year, especially at St. George's. Last year the church was really decked out with beautiful flowers that everyone emjoyed.

    It's time for me to quit rambling and send this off to you. I'm hoping your work is satisfying and productive. Take care and know we all are thinking and praying for you in this wonderful time in your life.

    Peace and Blessings,
    Pat Mathews