Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Ugh!! It's so hot! It's been a hundred degrees every day for three months now! And it hardly cools at night, maybe gets down to the mid-80's. We almost never have electric power overnight, just a few hours in the evening when they run the generator at the Guest House, but that always cuts off at midnight. So you try and sleep without even a fan blowing on you. I wake up always in a pool of sweat, so nasty. Even just turning over causes you to break out in a flood of sweat. Being so dry, if you don't take a bottle of water to bed with you and drink some during the night you wake-up dehydrated, feeling hung-over. It'll be about three more weeks before it starts raining, hopefully. Everything is so brown and dry and covered with dust. Yick!
My flatmate and I are bored to death with each other's cooking also. We each know how to make a handful of recipies and we've done those to death. Also, we're both so busy we hardly have time to walk across town to the market and lug stuff home. I actually do most of the shopping since there's a fair amount of lugging involved but it's hard to get time during the week to do this. Cooking also is difficult since we have little electric power - it's hard to make anything which generates leftovers even though it would be easier from a food prep standpoint to be able to eat leftovers once in a while. Even non-refrigerated items like bread don't keep well here, just a few days and things turn moldy. Just makes life that much harder.
Sorry! Just feel like whining and griping. Sorry I don't write more on this blog. So busy all the time and also so tired. I've been so tired since after the completion of the Synod last November. I worked so hard on that and everything went so well, but it wiped me out. I haven't really recovered, just been running on two-thirds power since. I'm so tired, down to my bones tired. It's more than what can be eased by sleeping in one morning. I really need a proper rest. But I'm almost done in a few months. Think I'll try and tough it out until July and rest when I come home.

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