Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Small Thing

     There has been a workshop taking place in one of the meeting rooms at the Guest House, where I live, this week.  In order to provide the workshop participants with light, fans and power for their equipment the Guest House has had to run the generator during the day all this week.  We normally only have power in the evenings, from 7pm until mid-night.  Power only used to last until 11pm, but a few months ago it somehow got stretched to mid-night, which was a great improvement.
     Since there is power during the day I have taken to making myself two cups of coffee in the morning.  Last time I was home my brother-in-law mercifully loaned me a french-press in order to make coffee.  It was so terribly frustrating to live on the continent that gave us coffee and be forced always to have Nescafe!!  Everywhere you go in Africa people are drinking Nescafe, it's awful.  I remember reading Novogoratz's The Blue Sweater and her commenting upon the same experience in Rwanda.  Surrounded by some of the world's finest coffee and being forced to consume instant because of a lack of brewers or electric power.
     Anyway, this week I indulged by making two cups of coffee, really nice Kenyan Blue Mountain coffee, drinking one and putting the other into our refrigerator!  It was so wonderful coming home at the end of a long, hot day knowing there awaited me a cold, creamy sweet cup of iced-coffee!!  There are no workshops scheduled again for a while, so I enjoyed it while I could.  But that simple cup of cold coffee was more of a treat than anyone can imagine!  Pure bliss!


  1. There's nothing like a good cup of "CAWFEEE"

  2. except maybe a Dunkin Donuts crueller to go with it!! there are donuts available here, lumps of dough fried in vats of oil. But they are so plain, no sugar or flavor added. Better are the samosas, fried triangles of dough with some kind of filling. The ones I've had always seem to have cooked beans inside. Still, they are tastier than the plain donuts. Pastries still have a ways to go here!