Saturday, February 2, 2013

Killing time in line

     I had to make two deposits at the bank this morning.  One deposit for our WFP account, which allows us to use UNHAS flight services, was at KCB Bank, while the other was depositing employee payrolls into an account at Equity Bank. 
     I dread going to the bank here, the lines are always awful, even early in the morning, the only time they are bearable.  No one appreciates the concept of customer service.
     I only had to wait an hour at KCB, pretty amazing.  I arrived just after 8:30am and was out around 9:30am.  I used local transport to the bank and had to walk a kilometer to another major road to take another matatu to the other bank.  I suppose I reached Equity around 9:45am.  The line was lengthy.  I finally got to the window around 11:30am and made the deposit.  Fortunately, I had one of my Adrian Mole books with me ("The Wilderness Years") which I actually finished not long before it was my turn.  If you are not familiar with the Mole, you are missing out.
     Three hours thrown away standing in line at the bank on a Saturday morning.  Ugh!  People back home don't appreciate how lucky they have it.


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