Monday, May 10, 2010

Laptop Woes

The laptop which I ordered two weeks ago finally arrived today. I just wanted to buy an inexpensive computer off ebay so if it was lost or stolen (likely both) it wouldn't be that big a deal. I am also glad I went that route since after talking with some of the missionary people it was explained to me that it was normally expected that missionaries LEAVE their computer equipment behind...along with any unused toiletries...and office supplies...andbasically anything except what you're wearing and one pair of skivvies. When the laptop arrived I couldn't even figure how to turn it on (needed to mash the ON button a lot harder) but Miss Pam Bullock was my saving angel and spent about seven hours with me today getting the laptop all set-up! I'm working from it right now! Had a great dinner out again - haven't bought my own dinner in about two weeks! Now to relax and get myself prepared for tomorrow.


  1. lol, freeloader. buy your own food :)
    we'll miss you

  2. Have a safe trip. We'll be glad you have a computer! Take care, have fun and stay in touch.

  3. WHERE ARE you and WHATS going on over there!!
    I'm a wreck with worry.. okay, that's strong.. concern..

    Kitty's fine.. Liz and I are tag teaming..she's very nice..

    Two ?s, she thinks the grass is long and we should call lawn dude.. how do you have that set up and

    2. mail.. what happened with that..