Saturday, May 8, 2010

Packing Woes

Finding it very hard to get going packing. I think it's the fear of leaving something behind that is keeping me from being willing to actually put anything into one of my bags. If it's out of site maybe I'll forget it? I keep thinking, "If I could get mostly done packing then I could just relax the last day or so," but it isn't working out that way. I'm also a bit vexed because the cheap laptop I ordered to take to Africa won't arrive until Monday. I had planned on packing this in my main suitcase so that was holding me up from packing that bag, but I've been given the advice that placing a delicate electronic device into a checked piece of luggage makes as much sense as letting a Lab guard the cookies. I also found it necessary to purchase one more piece of luggage because of all the crap I'm planning on taking. I am such a bitch! I'm actually filling one 30-inch dufflebag mostly with toiletries and the like! The poor Africans on the last little plane taking us from Kenya to Sudan will hardly be able to get off the ground.

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  1. D hour is sooo near! Big Breath! Big Adventure! You're being carried on love and prayers! Chip