Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This is Kinda Weird

          It is really cold here this morning in Juba.  Last week felt so hot, like dry season heat.  A friend in Mundri emailed me that it was hot there also.  But over the weekend it clouded-up and it rained some.  This morning dawned so dark and cold, and it has been raining all morning.  This is a good thing since it hasn't really rained much this rainy season, not like the last two years.  People coming in from the countryside are complaining of the lack of rain and how this is affecting the planting and growing of crops.  In a country with no excess production any loss of crops means hunger later on, so we are thankful for the rain.
          But I have noticed that I have been needing to urinate more than usual this morning, which is kinda weird.  But then I remembered a friend mentioning how when she leaves Sudan for Nairobi, where it is much cooler, she has to get used to urinating again more frequently.  Normally Juba it is always so hot that moisture simply evaporates out of your body.  During the dry season I rarely urinate more than once a day no matter how much water I drink.  I know it's kinda gross to talk about this, but it is an interesting phenomenon, something you don't know about until you live here!
          I'm supposed to go out to dinner tonite with friends.  I might actually have to take a jacket with me if it remains cold!  Part of the problem is my body is so used to living in Juba, any temperature below 80-degrees and I start feeling cold.  This morning it was probably in the upper 60's so it felt like the depths of winter.

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